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Mommy & Me Photography Session. Photo of a mother in a pink dress, cradling her young daughter.

Mommy & Me Photo Session

As far as I am concerned being a mother is definitely the most difficult job on the planet. Add the year 2020 to that list and mothers job is now teacher, nurse, multitasking ninja, etc.

Even with the list of duties, it’s the job we love most.

These moments in your children’s life are precious and go by all too fast.”  Before you know it, your little ones won’t be so little anymore and it won’t be “cool” to hold your mommy’s hand. 

Photo of a mother holding and smiling at her young daughter.  Mommy & Me Photography session

Little girl in a pink dress with blue eyes in front of a floral backdrop, leaning on a ladder.

Wardrobe-Check / Makeup-Check

But what should I wear? Again I’ve heard this lots and lots of time before. Most importantly I want you to be comfortable.

Secondly, I will be there to help guide you before the session as far as wardrobe and coordinating with your children.

Third, I want you to look in the mirror before your session and say “Damn I look good!” I have tons of suggestions on where to shop and I create Pinterest boards for each session to help with the planning!

Last but not least, a makeup artist will be on premise the day of the shoot, and each Mama will be able to have a complimentary makeup application before we get started.

These sessions will take place in our Staten Island, NY studio on January 31, 2020. If you would like to go ahead and book click here. Only 5 slots available for this date! Hope to see you soon, and Happy New Year!

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