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It’s that time again! I know I am a little late this year with getting these Holiday Sessions ready for you all. But I finally did it and hopefully you love our sets as much as I do. I am going to break them all down and give you all the information and the inspiration for them all!

Majestic Christmas

This set is perfect for my glam lovers. I love this set so much because it can be styled with so many beautiful colors. I have it styled pretty neutral but for this one I think pops of traditional Christmas colors would look equally beautiful. Wardrobe Inspiration

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The Christmas Carnival

This one may very weel be one of my most favorite sets this year! I wanted something different than the traditional milk and cookies with the tree look. I’ve done that for the past few years, so for this year, I figured we would jazz it up a bit. The inspiration I had for this was originally going to be strictly carousel themed, but as I was looking into wardrobe I was loving all the Vintage Carnival illustrations I was coming across. Wardrobe Inspiration

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Winter Frost

Lately I have been really loving the Light and Airy feel in my photos, so I thought it would be a nice addition to our lineup this year. This is the ultimate winter wonderland. This set does have a bit of a Boho vibe mixed in with the glam. You can totally style it with either dressy or casual wear. I can just picture my cute little babies in fur collared knit rompers, or decked to the nines in their little pin striped suits and dresses. BTW, I am sorry I don’t have my boy model pictured here, he was napping the time I scheduled to shoot these. But I did buy him a light blue pin striped suit to match his sister!

Wardrobe Inspiration

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Wonders Of Christmas

Last but not least, is the Wonders Of Christmas! I always have to do one outdoor looking setup, and this one is absolutely gorgeous! I have a couple of surprise props that are missing from my sample images. Again I wanted to make sure this set was versatile when it came to styling so I think either dressy or casual totally works. I love layered looks for this one, and if your little one has a beautiful coat for the winter please bring it along.

Wardrobe Inspiration

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