Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography Sessions

Before we get into all the reasons to hire a newborn photographer, there is something I would like to say right off the bat! No type of newborn photography is better than another, it really is a matter of personal preference. Photography is an art, and we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I do, however strongly encourage you to hire a professional so that you do not regret it later.

Newborn baby boy photography pose.  Baby sleeping in side laying position on a white backdrop.  Baby safely posed in a newborn photography pose.

1. Safety

As the parent of a new baby, you are likely very concerned about the safety of your child. When hiring a photographer, this should be one of the first questions you ask. What kind of safety training do they have? Trained newborn photographers are highly skilled when it comes to working with babies. You may have seen all the cute swaddled newborn poses, or babies sleeping in a prop. While these are all adorable, they can be potentially dangerous if you don’t know how to pose or swaddle newborns properly.

Why is this so important?

  • “Newborns can’t regulate their body temperature on their own yet, so posing a naked baby in a cold environment, is not going to work.”
  • “Infants are at a higher risk for SIDS, suffocation, or injury if not wrapped or handled properly.”
  • “They can’t hold their heads up on their own, and a baby’s skull still has soft spots aka fontanels. Posing and touching without proper support can injure your little one.”
  • “Their immune system is not developed yet. Proper washing of your hands and hand sanitizer should be readily available at all times.”
Newborn baby boy photography session.  Newborn pose huck finn.  Baby laying on his back sleeping.

2. You will be very busy!

Upon your baby’s arrival, I bet you will have your hands full! Life will be filled with all things baby. Lots of feedings, dirty diapers, loss of sleep, etc. You will most likely be too busy to be snapping away with your camera. Again, of course we have the trusty old Iphone, but they will not be the quality you’d receive when hiring a professional. Maybe you won’t miss what you didn’t have, but I have met far too many people who do. Hiring a professional takes planning, so please don’t wait to do so after you’ve already given birth, or are almost due. The time to start looking is usually during your second trimester, before all the hustle and bustle begins!

Newborn baby girl photography.  Baby girl sleeping in a basket in the bum up position on a gray floral backdrop.

3. Quality and Style

You may have just gotten a nice camera, or have a family friend who does some photography on the side. But photographing newborns requires so much more than just owning a DSLR or even just having knowledge of photography. Newborn photographers, know which angles are going to work best, how the light should be positioned, how to properly pose your baby, and which equipment works best capturing those tiny little details.

While the goal is always to capture a beautiful image, editing the image is usually where the magic happens! Contrary to popular belief, and please don’t hate me when I say this, but newborns usually do NOT have the nicest skin. Many babies have red blotches, flakes, or in some cases baby acne. Your professional photographer will know how to enhance your images and showcase your baby in their best possible light.

When looking at your local newborn photographer’s work, you want to make sure their style speaks to you. It doesn’t matter how many Pinterest boards you have saved, if you try to make your photographer recreate something that is not in their aesthetic, you may not be happy with the end result.

Newborn baby girl photography session.  Baby is sleeping on her belly with a pink wrap with pearls.

4. You won’t remember what they looked like.

And neither will they. I know this is pretty obvious, but they won’t remember anything from this stage of life. It is our job to document it, so when they’re older we can show them how cute and little they were!

You may also not remember what they looked like. We all know what happens as time goes on and our memories start to get fuzzy and fade away. You will have these images when the time comes, and you want to reflect on the time passed. When you have professional images, most of the time, we are more likely to print them. Printing is the only way to ensure our images don’t get lost. How beautiful to be able to sit and flip through an album with your child one day. Or have them displayed up on a wall.

Newborn photography.  Baby boy sleeping in his fathers hands.  Low Key Photography uses dark tones to give a dramatic appearance.

5. You’ll want to be in the photographs.

I’ve mentioned many times to my clients how time sensitive the newborn stage is. Babies change so quickly, and are best photographed during the first 6-21 days of life. So if remembering tiny little fingers and toes is important to you, then be sure to book your session in advance. When we talk about remembering, I think we often forget about what our baby will want to remember. I can tell you one thing for sure. He/She will WANT to remember you!

Baby boy sleeping in his mothers arms and she is resting her head on his.
Mother and her newborn baby boy and toddler son, laying on a furry blanket in a bird's eye perspective.

I really hope you found this post useful, and if you’re about to have a baby we should chat! If your thinking about hiring a newborn photographer in the Staten Island, NY area, DO IT! I am here to help answer any questions you may have. And if you hire someone who’s work you love, it will be one of the best investments you will ever make!

If you interested in learning more about hiring a professional newborn photographer to take photos of your new child? Jessie James Photography would love to speak with you about it! Call us at 347-819-1717 today for additional information about scheduling a newborn photo shoot.

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